When Should You Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

There was a time when Digital Marketing was no more than just an emerging buzz term. People claimed that this thing called the “internet” was going to be the next big thing in marketing, and were trying to get into the game early saying that people would soon be getting their news, and doing all of their shopping online, so companies had to capitalize on this marketing right then and there.

Digital Marketing isn’t about advertising on one social platform. It’s about e-commerce, social media, analytics, content creation, audience interaction, community management, and the list goes on. Some companies choose to do their digital marketing in-house under the assumption that outsourcing it to a digital marketing agency is an unnecessary expense. Other companies, believe it or not, believe that digital marketing is a fad and that it’ll soon pass by so they don’t invest any time or money into developing a strategy. We know this because these company “executives” post their views on Facebook and Twitter. How’s that for irony?


Honestly, if you’re reading this article, if you took the time to click on it, then the idea to hire a digital marketing agency is already in your mind. Maybe your current digital marketing strategy just isn’t providing the results that you want to see. You may even be trying to manage your own digital marketing but you don’t have the time.

Digital marketing is more than just scheduling some facebook posts and putting up a blog post every week. Every business is different. Every business’ audience is different. What works for ABC inc. won’t necessarily work for XYZ inc. A productive, money-generating digital marketing strategy is equal parts content creation across multiple platforms and keeping an eye on the analytics.

If you’re someone who isn’t ready to let go of the reins of your marketing campaign, and value the honesty and integrity that comes from managing your own marketing, that doesn’t mean that a digital marketing agency couldn’t help you. If you prefer to do it on your own but need to brush up on your digital marketing knowledge, an agency can help you to develop and effective marketing strategy that you can then implement within your company.

Look at it this way, a digital marketing agency can either build your house for you while you focus on other aspects of the house, or they can give you all of the tools that you need and teach you how to build the house yourself. The choice it completely yours.

The question isn’t when you should hire a digital marketing agency. The question is why you haven’t already and whether you can afford to keep doing business the way that you are now?

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