What’s New With Google AdWords?

Google is always making changes to its algorithms, best practices and webmaster guidelines. It is obviously expected that Google would keep making changes to AdWords as well. Given the fact that AdWords is the most popular pay per click marketing concept in the world, the impact of even the slightest change is significant. It is not every day that Google makes major changes, which is why many marketers don’t really know if there is something more helpful or how some nuances have changed which should propel a rethink of the pay per click marketing strategy.

Through December, 2015, Google made certain changes to the automated bidding performance. New reporting features and statuses have been available since then. It had also updated the account settings by including structured snippet extensions to the texts used in ads. The search engine giant had also reviewed the scope of frequency capping by only accounting for viewable impressions.

In 2016, Google has already rolled out more than half a dozen updates pertaining to AdWords alone.

  • Now, you have a system in place wherein you can experiment with different campaigns, save drafts and also measure the impact of such campaigns. You can make real time changes to those drafts and choose to continue to discard the changes or the campaigns.
  • There is another update to account settings which allows you to automate bidding strategies and there is a revamped workflow to manage campaigns.
  • There are minor updates like the upgrade of Flash to HTML5 ads and major developments like the AdWords app for Android which now includes new conversion columns and universal app campaigns. Google has also rolled out the new iOS app for AdWords. It has also expanded the scope of reporting by factoring in custom columns to use algebraic formulas.

Do these changes usher in a new era for Google AdWords or how you use it? No, but it would certainly make life easier for marketers. The ability to experiment with campaigns in draft phases and the detailed reporting offering more insight than ever before will certainly help those who love crunching big data. For companies though, the eventual impact may not be that different. But those who are in the thick of things will certainly have a more pleasurable time with the consistently evolving Google AdWords.

It suffices to say that knowing all latest updates of Google AdWords will always have a bearing on the marketing strategies developed by advertisers and businesses owning the products or services.