Ways to Expand Your Business Using Pinterest

Using Pinterest for Business

Pinterest no longer is cute shoes pinned to a board, it is now being used to affectively market business and drive traffic to your business site. The image-based social network runs slightly different from other industry giants like Twitter and Facebook. Knowing how to harness the power of Pinterest can expand your business. It is a great venue for share your products and create a larger audience.

There are regulations in Pinterest that disallow direct promotion so in order to navigate these the following tips are offered.

Product Promotion

Sharing images of your product on Pinterest allows potential clients to see the product in all of its shapes, sizes and colors. Adding a price to your products allows them to go into the gifts section of Pinterest. This opens a huge new market for potential clients and the ability for them to repin posts makes a market exponential.

Ways to Expand Your Business Using Pinterest



Blogs and Video Sharing

Many businesses have a blog that keeps them in contact with their clients. Using Pinterest and photos as a graphic directory to a blog post is extremely popular and affective. It is important to use the correct photos or graphics on your blog so when linked to Pinterest the right photos appear. The same applies to any videos you pin. Online videos of products and services has been very successful for many businesses and alone is a growing industry. Creating pins for a video highlighting a product is another way to drive traffic to your site.

Market Research

Clever business owners have learned how to use Pinterest to run marketing research tests similar to what can be done with Facebook business metrics. They keep track of what people are repining, who is interacting and what interests those who interact have. Double blind runs can be made as to photos, graphics or videos that work and garner interest with no cost making Pinterest an excellent means of tailoring an effective marketing plan.

Recognizing Others

Pinterest acts as a social interaction with your clients. This is a billboard for highlighting outstanding colleagues, clients and create conversations that can promote your business. This is an arena where the “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” theory comes into place. Highlighting pins of clients, content and information from others creates a more personal feel and generates good will.

Marketing in the 21st century is changing rapidly. Social media has become a major player in marketing business and Pinterest is no exception. Clever business are jumping aboard the pin frenzy and growing their business daily.

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