How to use social media to market your conference?

Let us begin with a caveat. Using social media to market your conference is very easy. Garnering enough traction and being successful at marketing your conference in Killeen on social media is not that simple. Social media is free, you can use it in myriad ways and there is no limit to how creative you can get. But social media is also a platform that is being used by every competitor of yours and there is only so much a target audience can respond to.

Instead of dealing with stats and going on hyperboles, let us talk about some specifics that will help you to market your conference on social media.

  • You would obviously begin with an official business page or handle. You should dedicate a page for the conference. You can use the existing business page or handle and customize it to feature the conference or you can use a completely new social media identity. If you opt for the latter, then make sure that your existing profile or page is well connected to the new identity so people know that it is your event or conference. You must use your existing following to act as the foundation for the subsequent marketing campaigns.
  • There are two principal objectives of social media marketing. They apply to everything, from usual advertising to marketing your conference in Killeen. You must try to get more followers and you must try to attract influencers. Most people look for signups or pledges of attendance. That is the end goal. You may also want a large audience to live stream or broadcast your conference. That too is the end goal. What you need to focus on is the following you are generating leading up to the conference. If you consistently generate more interest, you will eventually have more attendance. Even if signups are not rolling in, having attention or people paying heed will pave the way for a successful conference.
  • The influencers on social media are hard to impress. They are too engrossed in their own worlds and will only influence your campaign when they really like what you are doing or when they are personally, professional or socially touched by your social media presence. You must absolutely dedicate yourself to get at least a few influencers endorsing your event in Killeen or just acknowledging your conference. That alone can get you enough exposure on social media. However, don’t opt for influencers who are irrelevant in your industry or niche.