The Importance of Online Presence

Why Businesses Need an Online Presence

The digital age is among us and not leaving any time soon. In 2015 the apex has been reached where people access the internet via mobile devices more than desk or laptops. The mobile phone is the Yellow Pages of old. The touch of a button allows people to search for anything. An online presence is one of the best things you can do for your business.


Having an online presence means accessibility by millions any time of day or night. People can browse your site at their own convenience in their own home. This is especially important if you have an online store where people can review and purchase items all day long. The internet provides clients that storefronts don’t get. The audience online is much greater than your local area.


Getting your company name out there is vital to the success of a business. An online presence allows clients to research your company, read reviews and interact in a manner that is conducive to their lives. Keeping a site active and informative keeps clients coming back. Marketing has changed and it is now more important than ever to stay connected to clients. Branding and setting a voice for your business increases sales and creates more customer loyalty.



The culture of the internet is to share experiences with a particular business to inform others. It can be a double edged sword especially if someone leaves a bad review but it is also an opportunity to correct a wrong. Previously studies showed that a person would tell 7 people about a bad experience and only tell 2 about a good one. Word of mouth was very important in the old marketing scheme. With reviews this becomes instant. Good reviews can now be captured and used as a tool to encourage more customers to use your services or purchase your goods.

Ease of Marketing

The internet and an online presence makes marketing so much easier. Electronic media, in particular with mobile technology, allows you to reach a far wider audience compared to traditional print or media advertising. The flexibility of being able to include a wide variety of graphics, audio and video makes marketing more dynamic and effective. An online presence allows you to change what isn’t working and find easily and affordably what does work.

The internet has changed how people do business. More and more people rely on the internet to find businesses and to purchase products. An online presence will expand your business and help you establish a brand.