How restaurants can use text marketing?

Unless a restaurant in Killeen has a waiting list of three months or is in the heart of a downtown area, it is likely that the place wouldn’t be full all the time. Even if there is one table that can welcome more guests, the restaurant must try to fill that up. It is better to have people waiting in queue than to have the staff wait for people to walk in.

Restaurants in Killeen should develop myriad marketing strategies to woo clients. However, most small to medium restaurants have very slim operating profits which doesn’t allow a very substantial budget for advertising or marketing. Besides, there are always those slump times when sales crash and the business might incur a weekly or fortnightly loss.

Something as simple as text marketing can be very handy for restaurants. It doesn’t take much to invest in the database and the technicality of text marketing is also simple enough. Let us explore how restaurants in Killeen can use text marketing.

  • Not all restaurants are tech savvy and not all business owners would be as deft with newsletters or other communications of the day. Also, a restaurant has to focus on the food and the service, not on brochures or any kind of literature. Something as simple as a weekly text can make the restaurant relevant for the customer in Killeen. A restaurant will have a database of customers. If not, it should develop one. Every customer who has walked in must be asked to share their name and phone number if they want. Some places make it imperative. You can also buy databases of cell phone numbers. Send a weekly text citing some offer or discount, some changes to the menu or just a warm reminder of how you would love to see the customer again. Sweet simple messages are never out of vogue.
  • Plan surprises for the customer. It is not necessary that text marketing has to become a ritual or that you should only text to those who have not turned up at your restaurant for a while. You can use text marketing for regulars and spring them a surprise happy hour. You may text customers who are checked into your restaurant and announce that there is a special or a discount. This is also a way to engage with your customers in a fun way. You may even send a text reminding the customer of a particular dish that you think the customer would like.

There is no limit to how and when you can use text marketing for your restaurant in Killeen.