Is Blogging fading into the past fast?

Nasty rumor in some digital circles is that blogging is fading into the past. Not so according to every Internet marketer I could find in a Google search spanning 4 pages of Google searches. I read numerous blogs trying to find one person who made their money from the Internet who was moving away from blogging and couldn’t. What I did when I investigated further into the rumor is a lot of people trying to sell “online commentary” or “content site” or “information data center” checking into those, guess what they looked like? Blogs, yep no matter what you call it, blogs are still very relevant in today’s marketplace.

Break a blog down and you’ll see it’s essentially content being distributed to a wide audience for free. The goal is to draw large audiences to your content so you can entice them to buy what you’re selling, contact you for business or follow you for guidance.

With a large enough audience some blogs will have member sites that require a membership fee to view them. With money being made every day from blogs, I don’t see them disappearing anytime soon. Remember that when you hear or read something that seems fishy, investigate further. The Internet is full of smart people giving their knowledge and expertise away from free if you know where to look.