Are The People Using Twitter A Part of Your Target Demographic?

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet? Using Twitter for Business

Before you begin creating content for any social media platform, you have to ask yourself one key question: “Will I be reaching my target demographic?” If you think about it, if you’re in the car business, are you going to put advertising up in an elementary school? No, because your demographic isn’t 7-10 year olds. Maybe if you were in the Minecraft or Crayon business, but not cars.

That said, Twitter is a social network that people either love or have no idea what it is. In 2013, the general consensus was that people knew about it, but didn’t know it worked. Companies weren’t too aggressive to hop on board the marketing train for it because they weren’t sure if they would be able to reach their demographic. It was the firm belief that like Google Wave and the ever dying Google +, that Twitter would follow in the tragic footsteps of its predecessors.


Are The People Using Twitter A Part of Your Target Demographic?

Every single age group saw an increase in usage. 18-29 year olds were up from 31% in 3013 to 37%. 30-49 year olds saw an increase from 19% to 25%. 50-64 year olds went from 9% to 12% And 65+ year olds, who aren’t normally as apt to follow social media trends even saw an increase from 5% to 10%!

What does this increase tell you? Basically that regardless of the age group or sex of your target audience, the use of Twitter is on the rise. At the Oscars one year, Ellen Degeneres broke the record of the most retweeted photograph. She beat out the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, if you need a frame of reference. Literally millions of people shared that photo throughout Twitter. That says a lot about the rising popularity of a once believed to be failing social media platform.

Twitter hasn’t lost any steam whatsoever. So if you’re looking for a reason or a sign that you need to amp up your Twitter presence, this is your sign. If you’re someone who relies on numbers and facts, well, here they are.